deep dive: boho styles

It’s time for another deep dive! With festival season just about to start, we thought we’d introduce you to a world of endless creativity and self-expression with our spotlight on fashion’s most free-spirited styles! At Uptown Cheapskate, we’re head over heels for the vibrant and eclectic Boho style, along with its fabulous cousins. Here’s why we believe your wardrobe is begging for a dash of peace, love, and all things Boho – and trust us, it’s a journey you’ll want to embark on!

Embrace your inner free spirit with Boho chic – a style that dances to the beat of its own drum, echoing the psychedelic vibes of the ’60s and ’70s. It’s more than just fashion; it’s a rebellion against the conventional, a badge of peace, and a harmony with nature. Crafting your Boho look is a breeze with essentials like bell bottoms, maxi dresses, paisley prints, tie-dyes, and layers upon layers of jewelry. Whether you opt for bold colors or earthy tones, this style is your canvas to paint with freedom.

Saddle up for an adventure! It’s a style that perfectly captures the essence of the rugged outdoors, from the whispering desert canyons to the sparkling coastal waves. Every element of this look is pure Americana, with a deep-rooted connection to the wild, free-roaming spirit of the West. Be sure to deck out your wardrobe with denim, prairie dresses, peasant blouses, button-ups, belts with big buckles, and bandanas. Of course, no outfit would be complete without a cowboy hat and boots! Don’t shy away from adding splashes of color to your natural palette – it’s all about expressing your love for free-roaming adventures!

Step into a nostalgic scene right out of a Laura Ingalls Wilder novel with the charming Prairie style. A delightful mix of Boho, cottagecore, and Western, this style brings its unique essence to the forefront. Imagine yourself lounging on a porch, lemonade in hand, surrounded by sunflower fields and the gentle summer breeze. Whether you’re exploring a local farmer’s market or attending a folk concert, this easy-going style is both comfortable and chic! Look for puff sleeve blouses, lace-up boots, free-flowing dresses or skirts, cotton or linen pants, and straw hats. Look for elements adorned with calico, florals, lace, toile, and gingham in soft, natural colors.

It’s quiz time! What festival vibes do you give off? Are you a western cowgirl, a peace-loving hippie, or meant to explore the open prairie? Click the link above to find out!

At Uptown Cheapskate, we’re not just about embracing diverse and expressive styles; we’re also champions of sustainable fashion. Boho, Western, and Prairie styles are timeless, meaning they’re not just a passing trend but a lifestyle choice that celebrates individuality and a deeper connection with nature. By choosing these styles, you’re not only making a statement about your unique identity but also about the importance of sustainable living.

Shopping at your local Uptown Cheapskate store means you’re not just updating your wardrobe; you’re also contributing to a greener planet. We curate a selection of high-quality, pre-loved items that not only give clothes a second life but also reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion. It’s a way to stay chic, express your creativity, and support sustainability – all at the same time.

We have over 120+ locations across the US, so why wait? Step into Uptown Cheapskate, where fashion meets sustainability. Discover styles that resonate with your soul and choices that align with a healthier planet. After all, the best fashion statements are the ones that tell a story and make a difference. Join us on this stylish journey towards a more sustainable and expressive world!

deep dive: eco-friendly styles

Welcome to our deep dive into eco-friendly and sustainable fashion! These trending styles prioritize nature, environmentally friendly brands, clothing, and conservation. At Uptown Cheapskate, we believe that choosing resale is one way we can help save the environment. Let’s explore why these eco-friendly styles are so popular!

This style is perfect for those who love outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or rock climbing. It is practical, comfortable, and interchangeable depending on the weather. Look for muted color palettes that complement your earthy activities. You can choose from a variety of clothing such as hiking boots, sneakers, cotton t-shirts, tank tops, flannel, sweatshirts, puffy coats and vests, comfortable jeans, shorts, cargo pants, baseball caps, bucket hats, backpacks, and cross-body bags.

This style is all about being mindful of the planet and having less. Capsule wardrobes consist of essentials that are versatile and last for multiple seasons. The color palettes for this style are typically muted and neutral colors, but you can add some bright tones to the mix too! Try looking for natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, hemp, and bamboo for a more sustainable wardrobe.

Despite its name, this style is all about the love of the European and Mediterranean coastlines, as well as the rich life, culture, and food found there! Think breezy styles with flowy organic white cotton and linen, sundresses, espadrilles, straw sunhats, and woven handbags. You can look for pops of bright red, blue, and green, as well as gingham, pinstripes, florals, and cute food prints, for a fun and vibrant look.

Summer never ends with this style! Think of beachy island and vacation vibes in bright and pastel colors. You can try crochet halter tops, bead and shell jewelry, tropical prints, save the turtles and other marine life on tees and sweatshirts, swimwear, flowy dresses, sandals, and comfy shorts! Although this style is typically saved for coastal, summer, and vacation outfits, don’t be afraid to incorporate this laid-back style into your year-round wardrobe.

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle involves making sustainable choices. Uptown Cheapskate is a store that buys and sells gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories. We strongly believe that by choosing secondhand clothing or shopping from environmentally friendly brands, you can help reduce waste and support sustainable practices. Regardless of your style, be it granola, minimalist, tomato girl, coconut girl, or a mix of everything, there are plenty of eco-friendly fashion options available that can help you look and feel your best while also contributing to a healthier planet. Visit your nearest store today and explore our curated collection of pre-loved fashion, where sustainability meets style!

wardrobe aesthetics

Do you want a new wardrobe? Are you looking to add to or redefine your style? Try shopping with us at Uptown Cheapskate. We have thousands of items at a fraction of the cost of department stores! We’re here to help you figure out what you want aesthetically and to help you look fabulous for less!


There’s a reason it’s timeless. Classic is all about that effortless look. It seems to never go out of style and is super easy to keep pieces for long periods of time. Neutral and solid colors with minimal prints such as beige, creams, and greys, as well as black and white are the standard. Jewelry is usually dainty or simplistic. Remember simple and classic is never boring if you know how to work it!


Do you love frills and gardens? If so, cottagecore may be for you! This simple and feminine aesthetic is meant to look as if you’re walking through a blooming meadow and heading into your tiny country house for tea. Prairie dresses, peasant blouses, shirred tops with puffy sleeves, floral prints, dreamy pastel color palettes, ruffles, and lace make up the beautiful dream-like quality of this style.


Streetwear is just how it sounds, it’s meant for the streets whether you’re just going to the corner shop, hanging out with friends, walking the dog, or skateboarding. It’s the best of comfort and style! It’s laid back but is still thoughtful when it’s put together. This aesthetic contains hoodies, sneakers, tees, sweats, athletic wear, and jeans preferably straight-leg. This is a very versatile style that always looks good paired with a hat and shades.

hippie or boho

Hey there flower child! This style is carefree with peace and love! This style hasn’t really changed much with its tracing of psychedelic origins from the 60s and 70s. Think of tie-dyes, natural and bright color palettes, paisley prints, flare or bell bottom jeans, crochet and hand-knitted items, boots, fringe, and suede, as well as jewelry stacked and full of statement pieces. A hint is the more vintage looking the better!


Do you love libraries, museums, books, and the arts? This style is all about elegance and looking fresh out of a classroom. You won’t go wrong in plaids, neutral or muted colors, berets, khaki pants, sweater vests, tweeds, and collared blouses. Pair with velvet hair ribbons, loafers, boots, and simple but chunky jewelry. Don’t forget the messenger bag to carry all your important studies!


Are you a child of darkness? This is all about finding the beauty in the absence of color. Black is your best friend with this aesthetic but super dark colors of blue, red, purple, and green can add a nice touch. Pair together things like crystal or silver jewelry, chains, chokers, lace, chunky or high-heeled boots, heavy metal band tees, and of course don’t forget the black eyeliner, polish, and lipstick!

Let Uptown Cheapskate help you figure out what kind of shopper you are! Street, Cottagecore, Goth, Boho, and more! We’ll help you figure out what your fashionista heart desires aesthetically, so click the button above!

Whatever way your style leans, check out your local Uptown. We have 1,000s of unique clothing, shoes, and accessories to choose from. Also, we will buy your old stuff and you can earn cash for that new wardrobe of your dreams! Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles and aesthetics so that it all uniquely represents you!

holiday finds

The holidays are coming! Have you decided what to get the special people in your life? Are you trying to find the perfect holiday party outfits? Look no further than Uptown Cheapskate for your holiday shopping needs! We’re here to give you some amazing fashion trends to look for so you can find that special something to make this season perfect! 

Nobody can go wrong with sequins or sparkles! Try finding a dazzling sequin top, sparkly dress, or boots to stand out at your annual holiday party!  Pair it with a set of dangling earrings and crystal-style jewelry for that extra added touch. 

Velvet is a classic material that will make any outfit look elegant and it has a soft and luxurious feel. Dresses are the most popular find because of the fabric’s gorgeous draping ability, but if you do find a top or bottom try adding a silk or satin piece in and use simple jewelry and strappy heels for that something extra!

One can never have enough plaid! It comes in different styles and colors and makes a statement when you walk into a room! Try a jacket or pants with a cream-colored top and chunky jewelry.

If you want something that’s edgy, modern, and futuristic all rolled into one look no further than faux leather. It’s making a big comeback in metallic shades! Try it in a jacket, leggings, a skirt, or a bag. Remember that this piece is the star of the show, so find other pieces that will help it shine in similar shades and colors! 

What holiday trend are you? Maybe velvet, sequins, or something classic like plaid? Click the link above to let Uptown Cheapskate help you find the perfect trend that fits you!

We have a variety of unique brands, sizes, and colors that will delight and dazzle everyone’s wishlist this year! Don’t forget to trade in your old clothes to earn holiday cash. Visit your local Uptown, and see what amazing things you can find!

halloween costumes

happy halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner! It’s time to plan what you’re going to wear for the spookiest night of the year! Creating costumes is not only a budget-friendly option if you want to go DIY, but it’s also an excellent way to express your creativity. Come in and shop at Uptown Cheapskate and find all you need for last-minute accessories and DIY pieces for your costume! Here are some ideas if you’re looking for inspiration:


Create a fun tourist costume by finding Hawaiian shirts and cargo pants or sundresses, fanny packs, wide-brimmed hats, socks with sandals, and oversized sunglasses. Carry a map and a camera, with a dab of white face paint on the nose to resemble sunscreen to complete the look!


This costume is a DIY dream! Try overalls with a peasant blouse or flannel shirt. Pair with a straw hat and boots. Try finding sunflower accessories and drawing red dots on your cheeks and nose to complete the look!

’80s workout

Get your body moving! Find brightly colored (especially neon) spandex leggings, a leotard or bodysuit to wear over them, and some leg warmers. Pair it with sneakers or high-tops. Style your hair in a side ponytail with a scrunchie or crimp it, wear a sweatband, and apply two-tone eyeshadow for that extra ’80s touch!

Fairy or Woodland Creature

Seek out flowy dresses or skirts in earthy tones, such as greens and browns, or in pastels. Add some shimmer with glitter or sequins. Look for ethereal accessories like flower crowns, wings, and whimsical jewelry. Try glittery makeup for an extra added touch!

fashionista doll

Are you inspired by dolls and glamorous movies? Unleash your inner fashionista and love of all things pink! Try finding pink dresses, frilly blouses and skirts, sky-high heels, and tons of accessories to match. Don’t forget the makeup and hair!

goth girl

Embrace the darkness and horror. Black dresses, black chunky loafers or Mary Janes, chokers, spiky jewelry, and dark makeup are the essentials. Don’t forget the black bag, black umbrella, the attitude, and some pigtails!


Find a solid-colored bodysuit, such as blue, green, or black. Look for shirts, basketball shorts, and skirts that match your chosen superhero’s design, or make up your own! Find a long piece of fabric or a blanket for a cape. Accessorize with belts, gloves, and masks.

Remember, the key to successful thrift shop costume hunting is to keep an open mind and be creative with your finds. Mix and match items, alter them as needed, and let your imagination run wild! Uptown will also buy your old clothes so you can earn cash for that awesome costume! Hurry and stop by your local store today!

back to school

Thrift is back in session!  Fall is almost here and that means it’s time for back to school shopping! So where can you go to make sure you’re on trend and looking your best on your first day back? Shop at Uptown Cheapskate, where you can hit the books with sustainable looks! We have all the brands you know and love at a fraction of the price of department stores.

Here’s all the essentials you need to make sure you’re looking your best!

Purses and Totes

Check out our totes and purses! We have brand name, high end, and vintage in so many styles, sizes and colors you’re sure to find the perfect ones to accentuate your outfits. Remember purses are like potato chips, you can’t have just one!


Heels, sneakers, flats, boots: we have it all! Whether it’s dressy, casual, or sporty we definitely have a shoe for the perfect outfit you have in mind. Don’t forget to pick up some cool socks to go with them!


Jackets are a must have for fall. Make sure to pick up several kinds to wear with the seasons such as hoodies, sweaters, cardigans, rain jackets, and heavy coats for snow depending on where you live.


Of course, you can’t forget about the clothes! We have gently used brand name clothing in thousands of styles, colors, and prints. We have all the brands you love plus a few for you to discover as you search the racks looking for your perfect back to school outfit.


No outfit is complete without accessorizing. Treat yourself to a trendy belt, shades, statement jewelry, scarf, hat, or hair accessories like a scrunchie or claw clip. It’ll add a pop to your outfit and complete your look. Try experimenting with different styles and colors until you find something that is totally you!

We have all the shoes, clothes, and accessories to make your first day back to school extra trendy and stylish. We also will buy your old things so you earn cash for that new wardrobe you’re dreaming of! So stop into your local Uptown Cheapskate to see what unique items you can find!

make money when you move

Moving can be a great opportunity to declutter your home and make some extra cash by selling your unwanted items. At Uptown Cheapskate, we buy and sell gently used brand name and vintage clothes, shoes, and accessories so you can clean out your closet for space in the moving van, and earn cash for it too! Here are 5 tips from us on how to make money when you move:

Sell to Us

Look up your local Uptown Cheapskate. We will buy your gently used, trendy clothes, shoes, and accessories you no longer want.

Sort through your belongings

Go through your closet and separate items that you no longer need, want, or have space for. Put them in individual piles of similar items to make the process easier to sort through so you can take inventory of what you have.

Clean and prepare

Make sure that all items are clean and in good condition before bringing them to us. Wash and dry all clothes and inspect for stains and tears, this will help increase their value and make them more attractive to potential buyers. Put items in a box or basket neatly with similar items grouped together. Here’s how the process works.

Bring items to Uptown Cheapskate

Once you’re ready, bring your stuff to us! Plan around 30-60 minutes for us to review your items. Once we have decided which items we can buy, you can choose to be paid with cash or get 25% more in store credit.

Be prepared to donate

If we’re not interested in buying some of your items because they didn’t pass our inspection, consider donating them to a local charity or thrift store instead. This can still help you declutter your home, still make space in your moving van, and provide a service to those in need.

Selling to Uptown Cheapskate is an excellent way to make some extra cash when you move, while also decluttering your home and freeing up space in the moving van. Remember to make sure all items are clean, in good condition, and placed neatly in a box or basket grouped together with similar items to make the process faster and easier. Happy Moving!

4 things best bought resale

Have you ever thought about resale and what you should buy? At Uptown Cheapskate, we buy and sell pre-owned brand name clothing, shoes, and accessories. The best part is that it’s a fraction of the cost of department stores. Here are 4 tips for what is best to buy resale, because we think pre-owned is the most fashionable way to go!

outfit from uptown cheapskate


Name-brand jeans from a department store can be so expensive. At Uptown Cheapskate, we sell all the brands you know and love, plus maybe a few new ones for you to try on. We have so many styles to choose from like skinny, straight, flare, and a wide range of colors!


Vintage finds are definitely on the buy list! Preowned fashion is always the best because it’s already been broken in and therefore will be more comfortable to wear, especially in shoes and jeans! Remember that because it’s vintage it is all the more special and unique like a band t-shirt, a pair of limited edition sneakers, or an acid wash jean jacket. When you find a vintage piece it’ll feel like a hidden gem and it’ll be that amazing one-of-a-kind piece you can add to your stylish wardrobe.


Accessories are an essential part of any outfit from a trendy belt to statement jewelry. A great accessory makes any outfit look complete, and we make sure the pieces we buy are of the best quality. We have so many options to choose from so you’re bound to add something that makes your outfit pop!


Of course, we have to add clothes to this list! Everyone needs clothes and we have the most stylish brand name and vintage stuff around. We have so many colors, styles, and prints to choose from in a multitude of sizes. If you are worried that your closet might get too full with all of our amazing deals, just sell them to us and earn cash for your new stuff!

Pre-owned is the most fashionable way to shop. Whether you’re in the market for jeans, vintage, the perfect accessories, or just clothes in general, Uptown Cheapskate has you covered! Remember if you need to clean out your closet, we will buy your gently used old clothes and then you can use the cash you earn to shop for your new wardrobe!

why support local

Shopping locally has a positive impact on your community in so many ways. Uptown Cheapskate stores are locally owned small businesses that buy and sell gently used brand name clothes, shoes, and accessories. Here are some reasons why you should support your community by shopping local and shopping resale!

Supporting small businesses

When you shop locally, you support the local economy by keeping money within the community. Small businesses are often the backbone of a community and many are owned by women, minorities, and veterans and provide jobs to local people. All Uptown Cheapskate stores are locally owned and operated and by shopping here you’re supporting small business owners in your community. 


Shopping at Uptown Cheapskate is a sustainable option that reduces fashion’s carbon footprint and minimizes the environmental impact by buying and selling items that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Selling your fashions to Uptown Cheapskate is a fast and easy way to upcycle your clothes- and it’s good for the environment too! When you buy and sell at Uptown you’re reducing your carbon footprint by as much as 70%.

Finding unique items

When you shop at Uptown Cheapskate, you’re sure to find unique items that you may not find anywhere else. Many of these items are from brand name companies that no longer sell those items. This means it’s much more likely that you are wearing an excellent piece of clothing that no one else is wearing.

Sense of community

Shopping locally allows you to build relationships with local business owners and their employees who are typically neighbors in your community. These connections can lead to a greater sense of community, inclusiveness, and a stronger connection to the place where you live.

Supporting charitable causes

Uptown Cheapskate stores participate raising money for charities. Specifically, Uptown Cheapskate partners with buildOn, a nonprofit organization that raises money to fund building schools in underprivileged communities. Twice a year, Uptown stores have th opportunity to host an event called Charity Fill-A-Bag where all proceeds from the event go towards building schools and empowering underserved communities. For more information about our partnership with buildOn, you can read our Giving Back page.

By shopping local and at Uptown Cheapskate, you are creating a positive impact on your community. You’re supporting small businesses and reducing environmental impact by extending the lifespan of clothes. You can also find unique items, build relationships, and support charitable causes like buildOn. Next time, consider shopping locally at Uptown Cheapskate and see the positive impact it can have on your community.

what to do with those extra savings!

So do wanna save some money and clean out your closet? Maybe earn a little cash? Come to Uptown Cheapskate, we buy and sell gently used brand name clothing shoes, and accessories at a fraction of the price of department stores. While you clean out that closet to make a visit to us, here are some fun things you can do with all the extra cash you earned and saved. 

Buy A Plant

Go to your favorite local nursery and pick out a few new plant companions and some awesome-looking new planters to put them in. They’ll keep you company at your desk, your home, or in your garden. Say ‘aloe’ to your new little friends!

Plan a trip

Whether it’s in the next town, out of state, or a get-away beach destination, planning a trip is a fun idea. Even better when you have a few friends to share it with. Remember to grab what you need from us at Uptown Cheapskate to keep your vacay looking fabulous!

Throw a party!

Little quiet backyard BBQ or a huge loud party with all your friends and neighbors? Dance music or a soft background sound? The possibilities are endless and you can pick out a new outfit when you stop into our store to be the life and best dressed at the party!

So whether you’re throwing a party, buying a plant, or taking a trip, make us a part of your plans! Stop by your local Uptown Cheapskate to clean out your closet and earn free cash. You’ll love all the savings and unique finds!