what to do with those extra savings!

Published on June 19, 2023

So do wanna save some money and clean out your closet? Maybe earn a little cash? Come to Uptown Cheapskate, we buy and sell gently used brand name clothing shoes, and accessories at a fraction of the price of department stores. While you clean out that closet to make a visit to us, here are some fun things you can do with all the extra cash you earned and saved. 

Buy A Plant

Go to your favorite local nursery and pick out a few new plant companions and some awesome-looking new planters to put them in. They’ll keep you company at your desk, your home, or in your garden. Say ‘aloe’ to your new little friends!

Plan a trip

Whether it’s in the next town, out of state, or a get-away beach destination, planning a trip is a fun idea. Even better when you have a few friends to share it with. Remember to grab what you need from us at Uptown Cheapskate to keep your vacay looking fabulous!

Throw a party!

Little quiet backyard BBQ or a huge loud party with all your friends and neighbors? Dance music or a soft background sound? The possibilities are endless and you can pick out a new outfit when you stop into our store to be the life and best dressed at the party!

So whether you’re throwing a party, buying a plant, or taking a trip, make us a part of your plans! Stop by your local Uptown Cheapskate to clean out your closet and earn free cash. You’ll love all the savings and unique finds!

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