The RecyclingImpact

Shop used first to make the world better, cleaner, and more sustainable.


When you choose to buy used instead of new you reduce your carbon footprint by 60-70%. That’s more impactful than ditching your car and biking every day! Plus, did you know the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world?

Support Your Community

When you shop big box retailers and online companies only 10-40% of every dollar you spend stays in your community. Shopping local business keeps 90% of your money in your local community to benefit your friends and neighbors. It’s like an ecosystem that keeps your community humming and more and more people are jumping on board the Shop Local train.

Use Clothing For Good

Most Uptown stores offer a donation option for the products we’re not able to use.  This service helps you:

– Find a second home for things you don’t want

– Cloth people in your community

– Reduce your footprint through recycling

sustainable fashion

With Uptown


Selling clothes for someone else to have, reduces the waste produced when a product is made.

– A pair of jeans can take 1,800 lbs of water to make.

– A pair of jeans can also use up to 80 miles worth of emissions gas coming from the factory to your local store.

Selling to thrift or secondhand stores gives you the textile & fabrics of your clothes another life, rather than being thrown into a landfill.


Clothes & items that we don’t buy from you, we offer to donate on your behalf. That way it can find a home with someone in need or be recycled.

NOTHING is thrown away to sit in a landfill. Items are sold in-store or given to people that need it even more.

A fashionable, thrifty way to find looks you love, prices you love more and worry less about harming the environment.


Buying secondhand is the closest way we can buy clothing and still be sustainable.

Your carbon footprint is smaller shopping secondhand because the clothes were sold in your local area. They didn’t have to travel across the world to get to your Uptown store.

We also have clothes and fabrics with recycled friendly materials such as; recycled polyester, organic cotton, Tencel, Modal and linen.

love shopping used?

So do your friends

More than 10 MILLION in the U.S shopped used for the very first time last year. Way to go!
The resale industry is growing faster than fast fashion, and it’s growing when malls are shrinking. That means more people are wising up to how RESALE SAVES MONEY WITHOUT SACRIFICING STYLE.

True sustainability starts by shopping small and staying local. When you shop Uptown, you know that the clothes you are buying came from friends and neighbors.


by paying for your clothes

use clothing for good

Your usable clothing provides individuals with the items they need to get a hand up. Plus, you get the tax writeoff. Uptown never benefits from your donations. We offer that service as a true passthrough to help you get your clothes to a good place.


Twice a year, our stores sponsor (through labor and marketing) a Charity Fill-A-Bag Sale. This is one of our favorite events as we are able to collect donations specifically to raise money for our charity partner, buildOn.

During the sale, donated items are available by purchasing a bag that can be stuffed for a small donation. Customers can get as many items as they can fit in the bag, and the donation goes directly to build schools. We’ve raised more than $600,000 through this program in just a few short years and helped build 21 schools.

Learn more about the amazing way that buildOn empowers communities in the countries your fabric and clothing comes from.

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