wardrobe aesthetics

Do you want a new wardrobe? Are you looking to add to or redefine your style? Try shopping with us at Uptown Cheapskate. We have thousands of items at a fraction of the cost of department stores! We’re here to help you figure out what you want aesthetically and to help you look fabulous for less!


There’s a reason it’s timeless. Classic is all about that effortless look. It seems to never go out of style and is super easy to keep pieces for long periods of time. Neutral and solid colors with minimal prints such as beige, creams, and greys, as well as black and white are the standard. Jewelry is usually dainty or simplistic. Remember simple and classic is never boring if you know how to work it!


Do you love frills and gardens? If so, cottagecore may be for you! This simple and feminine aesthetic is meant to look as if you’re walking through a blooming meadow and heading into your tiny country house for tea. Prairie dresses, peasant blouses, shirred tops with puffy sleeves, floral prints, dreamy pastel color palettes, ruffles, and lace make up the beautiful dream-like quality of this style.


Streetwear is just how it sounds, it’s meant for the streets whether you’re just going to the corner shop, hanging out with friends, walking the dog, or skateboarding. It’s the best of comfort and style! It’s laid back but is still thoughtful when it’s put together. This aesthetic contains hoodies, sneakers, tees, sweats, athletic wear, and jeans preferably straight-leg. This is a very versatile style that always looks good paired with a hat and shades.

hippie or boho

Hey there flower child! This style is carefree with peace and love! This style hasn’t really changed much with its tracing of psychedelic origins from the 60s and 70s. Think of tie-dyes, natural and bright color palettes, paisley prints, flare or bell bottom jeans, crochet and hand-knitted items, boots, fringe, and suede, as well as jewelry stacked and full of statement pieces. A hint is the more vintage looking the better!


Do you love libraries, museums, books, and the arts? This style is all about elegance and looking fresh out of a classroom. You won’t go wrong in plaids, neutral or muted colors, berets, khaki pants, sweater vests, tweeds, and collared blouses. Pair with velvet hair ribbons, loafers, boots, and simple but chunky jewelry. Don’t forget the messenger bag to carry all your important studies!


Are you a child of darkness? This is all about finding the beauty in the absence of color. Black is your best friend with this aesthetic but super dark colors of blue, red, purple, and green can add a nice touch. Pair together things like crystal or silver jewelry, chains, chokers, lace, chunky or high-heeled boots, heavy metal band tees, and of course don’t forget the black eyeliner, polish, and lipstick!

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