semi-annual sale

Published on June 1, 2023

semi-annual sale 2023

Check with your local Uptown Cheapskate to see the sales in your area!

Our Semi-Annual Sale at Uptown Cheapskate is here! We have thousands of items on clearance for one of our biggest sales of the year. So how can you participate and get all the great deals? We’ll tell you…

Our Semi-Annual Sale is rolled out all month long in key phases depending on your region:**

Phase 1

This is the start of our main event and all clearance is 60% off clearance and 10% off storewide. The default dates for this beginning phase are June 15-18, but your local store may start a different day. Plus, sign up for texts to be a part of our VIP Night the night before the sale to get the first pick of everything!

Phase 2

All stamped items are 60% off storewide. The default dates are June 19-22!

Phase 3

All stamped items are 70% off storewide. The default dates are June 23-29!

Phase 4

Join us for Dollar Days on all stamped clearance! Our default dates are June 30-July 6!

$2 if price is $9.99 or less

$3 if price is $10–$19.99

$5 if price is $20–$49.99

$10 if price is $50 or more!

Phase 5

Snag $1 stamped clearance July 7-9 for the stores that are following our default dates!


Participate in our Fill-A-Bag Event where you can cram stuff and fill a bag for just $25. The default date for that is July 8th.

We have some great deals and amazing unique items waiting for you to discover. We also will buy your old clothes, shoes, and accessories so you can earn cash for a new wardrobe! Hurry in early for the best selection because these deals won’t last long. 

**Only valid at participating Uptown Cheapskate locations. Sales and promotions may vary. Other conditions may apply. See store for details.

frequently asked questions

Where can I find out more about this sale?

You can check out your local Uptown Cheapskate HERE

What items are included in the sale? 

Depending on the phase, all clearance and stamped items are included in the sale.

How do I become a VIP?

All you have to do is sign up for texts with your local store! Present your message at the door the night of the event to be a part of an exclusive event and get the first pick of everything!

Does the Fill-A-Bag Sale benefit charity?

No, while we do have Fill-A-Bags for charity twice a year partnered with buildON, our Semi-Annual Sale Fill-A-Bag is not for charity.

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