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Published on April 19, 2023

The fashion industry is relying more and more on fast fashion. Tons of clothes are churned out daily and are discarded and replaced with new styles in a matter of weeks or months. Many of the fabrics are cheaply made especially with synthetic fabrics and materials. At Uptown Cheapskate we buy and sell gently used brand name clothing, shoes, and accessories. Don’t compromise on the quality.  Here are some fabrics to look for that last!

Organic Cotton

Unlike regular cotton, this is made with the environment in mind and tries to have as low an impact as possible. 


This product is made from animal hair such as sheep (wool), alpaca, rabbit (angora), and goat (cashmere). The animal is not harmed in the process and it has been used for thousands of years because of its durability and insulating properties.


Made from the fibers of the flax plant, it is a durable lightweight material that breathes and is valued for its high absorbent properties and use in hot and humid climates.


Denim is a type of fabric that uses a cotton twill weave and is most commonly found in jeans. A good piece of denim, if cared for properly, can last for decades. Try looking for care tags with little to no elastane which gives it stretch if you want more durability.


Silk is actually made from animals! The most common resource for silk is harvested from the silkworm moth which is known for being durable and lightweight and great for warm weather. Did you know it can also be made from spiders, lotus stalks, and even from ramie, a plant from the nettle family? 


It’s not just for ropes and sails! Hemp fabric is a durable, soft, lightweight, all seasonal fabric and the plant takes much less water to grow than cotton. 


Bamboo is extremely durable. It’s made from a fast growing plant material that is lightweight and breathable.

So by choosing to wear more durable fabrics you are slowing the system down and saving money. Stop by your local Uptown Cheapskate to see what amazing one-of-a-kind pieces and vintage items you can find to add to your wardrobe!

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