Your Donations Built This School InOkharekot, Nepal

With your help, we've built hope for students in Okharekot, Nepal

Uptown Cheapskate and Kid to Kid have partnered with buildOn to fund and build schools in rural communities in developing countries. In March 2019, buildOn completed a new school in the village of Okharekot, Nepal funded by your donations. 25% of the Nepalese population live below the poverty line and 50% are illiterate. The new school will provide the children of Okharekot with a safe, spacious learning environment. With their new facilities, they are able to learn in a functional building equipped with desks, space for every student, and bathrooms.

Meet the students of Okharekot, Nepal

The Okharekot students are studying reading, writing, and mathematics in their new school. Girls will be able to study side-by-side with boys, an important achievement in Nepal, where women and girls are often denied the same opportunities as men. Through the donations we've collected at our Charity Fill-A-Bag Sales, you've helped break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy for students. The students of Okharekot thank you for your donations!

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