We are very excited to feature an amazing fashion blogger, Lauryncakes! We love her advice on how to finish your DIY Halloween Costume at Uptown! Take it away, Lauryn!
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Hi guys and girls! This is Lauryn from Lauryncakes.com. Every year around the end of September I start worrying about the same thing– what to wear for Halloween! I have a firm belief that you can never get too old to dress up for the creepy holiday (although, you can definitely grow out of trick-treating). There are still tons of fun dance parties, clubs, family events, or even joining in on the passing out of candy that require the Halloween dress code.
Don’t get stuck in a slump and buy the same packaged costume that every other character will be wearing that night. Do yourself a favor and be original! Uptown Cheapskate has sooo many pieces that can call out any DIY-er creative side. Here are a few tips on how to shop the racks and find your unique costume!
1. Have a couple plans in mind. I actually took screenshots of certain movie characters or personas on my phone. That way while I was browsing I could match the cool finds up to a certain idea for a costume.
2. Know your price point. I gave myself the goal of only spending $50, and then made sure to stay within those limits! I also tried to pick clothing for the costume that I felt I could re-wear in a normal day outfit. I am all about recycling my clothing, and buying just for one night would be reckless!
3. Go straight to your sizes. Of course, I know that shoes and clothes can fit differently from brand to brand, but if I am a medium, I won’t look into the extra smalls. If I am a size 9 in shoes, you won’t catch me in the 7’s. It would be a waist of time, and I could potentially find something I love that won’t fit. Just don’t let yourself get caught in that mess.
4. Be creative. Part of the reason to go to a local Uptown Cheapskate for a Halloween costume is to find great brands and fun fashion. I wanted my costume to be recognizable, but also have a high fashion feel. When I decided to be a Dalmatian, I knew that I would want to go black and white and find spots. The knit sweater on top was my bit of creativity because the textured dots are meant to represent the spots on a Dalmatian. You see what I mean? You can be literal, or you can have fun.
xoxo, Lauryn from Lauryncakes.com
DIY Dalmation DIY Dalmation2 DIY Dalmation3

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With our 45 locally-owned franchises, Uptown Cheapskate helps support your community.

By depending on our local customers to supply our products by recycling their used clothing, we’re able to avoid relying heavily on overseas clothing factories that often provide unethical labor conditions to their workers, and many times practice child labor. Instead, we pay money to customers like you for the vast majority of our items. This benefits the economy right in our local communities, and helps support sustainable means of getting clothes.


According to the most recent figures released from the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American throws away about 70 pounds of clothing each year. They also inform us that nearly 95 percent of all of the clothing, shoes, and linens thrown away could have been recycled or reused. By selling to Uptown Cheapskate, not only are you reducing waste, but you’re lowering the demand for stores like ours to support unethical means of producing clothing.

Selling to Uptown is not the only way you can do your part to help heal the earth. Each time you buy a recycled clothing item at Uptown, that’s one less shirt that you might buy new, meaning you’re reducing the demand for the production of new clothes. This not only saves precious resources every year, but it continues to support getting the latest trends in fashion in ways that are safe, sustainable, and ethical.


At Uptown Cheapskate, our style is a labor of love. Each of our locally owned stores provides jobs to members of the community—many of whom are young people. With more than 45 stores around the country, that’s more than 350 jobs created! We provide steady pay, flexible schedules, paid training and growth opportunities, plus a hefty employee discount. Our employees work in a fun and friendly retail atmosphere, surrounded by what they love—fashion.

If working at Uptown Cheapskate sounds like a place where you think you could succeed, we’d love to speak to you.

Fill out a job application for any of our stores here.



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This week we collaborated with Jenna Jean Davis of VOX Magazine to get some killer tips on back-to-school style. Take it away, Jenna Jean!

A Powerful, Unforgettable Impression: First Day of School




Every year should be called freshman year because each year is a fresh, new beginning. New teachers, new classes, new students, new friends, new relationships and new styles. It’s important to start each school year by leaving everything from the last year on the previous page of your book of life and start writing this year’s new, beautiful story.

But, before that, you first have to figure out WHAT TO WEAR FOR THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! It’s something everyone struggles with because it is kind of a HUGE deal!

You can be whatever you want to be this year and dress however you want to dress. For the first day of school, make an impression. A powerful, unforgettable impression. To look good and feel great about how you look on your first day, you have to be confident in who you are on the inside. Your confidence will shine through with your style. Decide, right now, who you want to be this year and dress like it. Edith Head, a talented costume designer and winner of eight academy awards, once said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”





I am Jenna Jean, the lead stylist for VOX Magazine. Consider me your friend today and let me help you pick out your perfect first day outfit. You can thank me later. I just got my whole back-to-school wardrobe at Uptown Cheapskate, my favorite store! Your first step is to read my three must haves for girls and dudes for your back to school fashion and secondly, get in your car and head straight to Uptown Cheapskate because you will not find any store with better sales or fashion for your back-to-school look.


1: A denim dress/skirt! Come on, we all saw Kaitlyn Bristowe strut her stuff in her denim dress in this season of The Bachelorette. If you want 25 men to fall in love with you, then you better be rocking that jean.

2: A tuxedo blazer! With a tuxedo blazer you can look chic and either dress it up or down. Pair it with boyfriend jeans for a more relaxed look or high-waisted skinny jeans for a more professional look. Blazers will also help you layer for when our crisp, summer air starts getting a little bit more chilly.

3: Fringe! Anything fringe. Specifically, skirts, purses and boots.







1: Joggers! Men, you should be excited about this! There is finally a comfortable alternative to jeans for boys besides sweats! Girls have always had leggings and I’m sure you’ve all been super jealous! Joggers are great pants to have because they look stylish and are also comfy!

2: Button up shirts! Short sleeve with the sleeves rolled once, or long sleeve paired with joggers or tight fitting jeans! Bu, NO MORE top button swag. Loosen up a little bit.

3: The Chelsea Boot! Your shoes complete your outfit, and nothing completes you better than Chelsea.



With school, just like life, you get out what you put in. So, dress up! Put your best face forward everyday. People will notice you if you make an effort to have your inner voice shine through your style. Study hard, get good grades. Join a club, get involved. Start a club, be a leader. Make a difference by being different. Decide who you are, dress like it.

This is YOUR year. Make it a beautiful one.



Written by: Jenna Jean Davis (jennajean@icloud.com)

Models: Jenna Jean Davis (Instagram: @_redlipclassics), Maria Moreno (mariarosmoreno), Maggie Wall (@maggie_wall), Tim Leary (@timflynn_), & Tyler Teasdale (@tylerjakob)

Stylist: Jenna Jean Davis // VOX Magazine (www.vox-magazine.com)

Clothing: Uptown Cheapskate

Photographer: Evelyn Eslava (@agridulcie)

Hair and Makeup: Sarah Davis (@sarahmichellebeauty)




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Fall Layers Email header


There are so many ways to layer up in the winter to keep warm, but the trick is maintaining a chic look. Flannels, chambray shirts, and basic sweaters are essential to layer flawlessly. Here are some of our favorite layering techniques.

Layering your Coat: Layering under a coat can be tricky. It can lead to a bulky look that makes you feel larger than you are. To enhance your figure but stay bundled up and warm, use thinner materials.

Womens Layering Coat

Mens Layering

Coat and Chambray Shirt

Layering your summer dress: Whenever you get sick of wearing pants, try layering your summer & fall dresses with winter apparel. Throw an oversized sweater over your dress and pair it with tights/leggings and boots.

Sweater over Dress

Sweater with Dress

Fall Dress

Layering Sweaters: Layer your button ups or blouses with sweaters. Types of sweaters that are great for layering are: cashmere, oversized, cable knit, crew neck, etc.

Sweater with Blouse

Layering Sweaters, mensLayers on Layers

Layering accessories: Scrunched up socks with your boots, beanies and scarfs, tights, gloves & more! Keep extra warm by layering winter accessories with your outfit. 

Layers with BootsBeanie Layers





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Back in April, Uptown customers helped us raise a total of $51,613 during our charity Fill-a-Bag sale. Funds have gone towards building the first of three schools in Africa.  We are so excited to show you the progress that is being made on the first school in Bromba, Mali. The community officially broke ground on July 2.



Bromba is a remote village in Mali. With a population of more than 14 million and ranked the 12th poorest country in the world, Mali also has one of the lowest literacy rates at 38 percent—with females at only 17 percent. Below are pictures of the actual school in Bromba.


Currently 113 students, 50 of whom are girls, attend school in three temporary classrooms and are taught only up to the fourth grade. With the new school, it is anticipated that higher grades will be offered.



Our partner, buildOn, required that every adult in Bromba sign an agreement to help build this school and maintain it.  The agreement stated they had to provide the land, local material and labor as well as send an equal number of girls and boys to school.  We love that this school is a community project—not just a gift. Many of the women who signed the covenant did so with a thumbprint because they don’t know how to write their names. We’re thrilled to bring literacy to this village through the building of this new school.



We’ll post more photos as we get them!  If you didn’t make it to our first charity Fill-a-Bag sale, be sure to come support this great cause in November.  You’ll get a large Uptown bag to fill with specially marked product for just a $15 donation to buildOn and to our second and third schools in Senegal and Burkina Faso.

To read the entire Groundbreak Report, click here.


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  1. Great work guys, building schools and expand the education is one of the most important things !

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