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Meet an Uptown Cheapskate Buyer: Serena Yang – Sugar House, UT

Working at Uptown Cheapskate is such an awesome experience for me. It has opened my eyes to the various fashions people are wearing and given me the chance to build upon my own individual style.

One of the things I love most about being a buyer at Uptown is being able to see the unique pieces of clothes that come in the door. I’m able to get ideas as to what fashions people are currently interested in and what is on the verge of going out-of-style, or simply: what’s popular and what’s not. I get to build upon this knowledge and help out my customers by giving them advice as to what I think is best for them.

Here are some of the styles I’m wearing for Fall!

picture 1

What I love about Fall is the weather starts to cool down, but it’s not too cold for a skirt – and I still want to be able to wear skirts! So I decided to wear my sweater ( since it’s getting chilly), with dark high-knee socks to keep my legs warm, my black heeled ankle boots, a cute beanie, and a nice necklace for the finishing touch. This outfit doesn’t have the fall colors, but it does fit the weather and it’s perfect for that person with an edgy style.

picture 2

picture 4

This outfit has more of the 60’s look, which I love. I am obsessed with this collared shirt, it’s got tiny flowers in warm colors which is perfect for Fall. I am also obsessed with newspaper boy hats. Newspaper boy hats are coming into style, as you may have noticed. You’ll see a lot of guys wearing them, but who says girls can’t pull off wearing a cute newspaper boy hat too?

picture 3

Fall is perfect for trench jackets. They are great to wear for a stroll outside, and they’re comfy. Remember how I told you that I am currently obsessed with newspaper boy hats? Well one came into Uptown, and I just had to get it I also found this pair of Forever 21 shoes. I wanted them to stand out so I wore them with this outfit.

Check out Uptown Cheapskate Sugar House’s website to see our most wanted items, and follow our Facebook page to see what I’m buying for the store.