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Meet an Uptown Cheapskate Buyer: Kacey Anderson – Lake Forest, CA

Being a buyer at Uptown Cheapskate gives me the opportunity to see all the style trends people are targeting this season. I love being able to look first hand at what’s selling and what cuts/fabrics are most on trend right now. My favorite part of working at Uptown is selecting outfits for customers! No matter what they’re into there’s always something I can find for them at the store. My co-workers and I try our best to be more than your average thrift store. We love when people are checking out and don’t even realize we’re a resale store! Working at a clothing store has turned me into a major shopaholic, which is why I love Uptown’s hugely discounted prices! I am never able to pinpoint what type of “style” I have. I try to incorporate all fashion trends into my daily looks. Some staple trends I’ve been wearing lately are the classic combo of black and white, crop tops paired with cut off denim or skater skirts, plaid skirts and flannels, fringe, and I’m still trying to throw in leather somewhere every now and then. I find all these styles at Uptown and other thrift stores in the area. There are always treasures that can be found with thrift shopping!

Black dress



denim overalls