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Meet an Uptown Cheapskate Buyer – Chrissy Pointer, Arlington, TX

My name is Chrissy and I am privileged to be the store manager and buyer at Uptown Cheapskate in Arlington, TX! I have always been an avid resale shopper so being a buyer at Uptown is a dream job! You never know what is going to walk through the door—who knew you could find treasures in a bag or bin? I enjoy watching for new trends and LOVE when we see them come in our store. As I buy clothes that come into our store I like to keep in mind the latest fashion trends and the most up to date celebrity outfits. Many times a customer will bring in a picture of a celebrity in a certain outfit that they just must have and this is when I get to work with them to create a lookalike outfit they love.

My personal fashion icon would have to be Sophia Bush, hands down! She is classy and emits self-confidence. You can always count on effortless style from Sophia Bush. It’s never too much or too little. It could take a team days picking out her perfect look for an event and, just like always, Sophia always seems to wear it with total confidence and comfort. One way Sophia stays current is through basic splashes of color here and there without ever wearing overwhelming color. She’ll wear a basic tee with jeans, but then have on the most adorable orange flats that every girl must have. This is one way that I find myself recreating her style. While a simple outfit is perfect for a shopping or a day full of errands, always make sure you have on a bright color that reminds everyone you are still fashion forward and current. No girl ever wants her outfit labeled as “plain,” so always remember that a little color never hurt anyone!


Chrissy collage

While Sophia has worked from a very young age as a regular on the television show One Tree Hill, she has never conformed to Hollywood’s idea of a “perfect” body. While still young, Sophia stood up against a large company that she believed was selling young women the idea that their bodies weren’t good enough by producing a shirt with the label “eat less” in bold. Girls are constantly being told that there bodies are not good enough and that they must live up to these impossible standards set by models and the fashion industry, and Sophia would not stand for it. Instead Sophia started her own campaign called “Zero is not a size.” With this campaign she reinforced the idea that every women’s body type is different and there is not one ideal size for every girl. Because of her, many young girls were able to define themselves based on more than the size jean they wore. Sophia reinstated that every girl should find her own style and that the same style doesn’t look great on everyone. However, everyone has a style that looks great on them. I can’t think of any celeb I would rather take style advice from, and as I help women as they come into our stores, I know this statement to be very true. Shopping is all about finding the outfit that makes you feel good!

0 is not a size

As I mentioned, many women come into my store asking if I can help them recreate an outfit that they saw a celeb wear. To illustrate how easy it is to affordably dress like the stars, I mimicked my favorite celeb with these outfits! I found all these great pieces that match her style at our Uptown store.

sophia-bush-green jacket

Chrissy green jacket

In this picture Sophia went for a hipster outfit for a night out on the town. This would be a perfect outfit for a night out with friends at a local bar or outdoor party! She dresses down her lacey black dress by putting on a forest green jacket and brown closed toed shoes. I was able to match this outfit by wearing a black dress with a green jacket and black booties. All of these items were found at Uptown!


Sofia red blazer 2 Chrissy red blazer

I love Sophia’s outfit in this last picture! She went with a red blazer that makes her really pop as she walks into a room. The color red really draws attention and makes a great outfit for a first date or a concert! She pairs it with high-waisted black shorts. With the final touch of black pumps she has made the perfect outfit! As every girl knows, a pair of black pumps is essential to your wardrobe. They are perfect for almost any outfit and match so many things that they are a must have, especially a pair that is comfortable but adorable!

Chrissy Pointer
Uptown Cheapskate Arlington, TX