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How To: DIY Halloween Costume by Blogger Lauryncakes!

We are very excited to feature an amazing fashion blogger, Lauryncakes! We love her advice on how to finish your DIY Halloween Costume at Uptown! Take it away, Lauryn!
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Hi guys and girls! This is Lauryn from Lauryncakes.com. Every year around the end of September I start worrying about the same thing– what to wear for Halloween! I have a firm belief that you can never get too old to dress up for the creepy holiday (although, you can definitely grow out of trick-treating). There are still tons of fun dance parties, clubs, family events, or even joining in on the passing out of candy that require the Halloween dress code.
Don’t get stuck in a slump and buy the same packaged costume that every other character will be wearing that night. Do yourself a favor and be original! Uptown Cheapskate has sooo many pieces that can call out any DIY-er creative side. Here are a few tips on how to shop the racks and find your unique costume!
1. Have a couple plans in mind. I actually took screenshots of certain movie characters or personas on my phone. That way while I was browsing I could match the cool finds up to a certain idea for a costume.
2. Know your price point. I gave myself the goal of only spending $50, and then made sure to stay within those limits! I also tried to pick clothing for the costume that I felt I could re-wear in a normal day outfit. I am all about recycling my clothing, and buying just for one night would be reckless!
3. Go straight to your sizes. Of course, I know that shoes and clothes can fit differently from brand to brand, but if I am a medium, I won’t look into the extra smalls. If I am a size 9 in shoes, you won’t catch me in the 7’s. It would be a waist of time, and I could potentially find something I love that won’t fit. Just don’t let yourself get caught in that mess.
4. Be creative. Part of the reason to go to a local Uptown Cheapskate for a Halloween costume is to find great brands and fun fashion. I wanted my costume to be recognizable, but also have a high fashion feel. When I decided to be a Dalmatian, I knew that I would want to go black and white and find spots. The knit sweater on top was my bit of creativity because the textured dots are meant to represent the spots on a Dalmatian. You see what I mean? You can be literal, or you can have fun.
xoxo, Lauryn from Lauryncakes.com
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