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That 9-5 style. Here’s how:

February- Email- Business wear

Work clothes.
Probably the most boring sounding type of fashion imaginable, but we’re here to change that. Don’t let your office go-to fall into a pit of never ending black slacks and flats. It’s time to mix it up.

Here’s how:

Try for a bold dress, and match it with a pair of sleek nude heels. Give the dress a pop of contrast with either a solid color belt or a statement necklace.

Josselyn_pink dress04_small
Kenzie_building dress01_small


A skirt/shirt combo is always a great option for the office. It’s comfy, yet classy, and can be worn in so many different ways. Don’t be afraid to mix prints and textures. Match a shorter skirt with longer sleeves to keep it office-appropriate, and a little embellishments are an easy way to glam up an otherwise ordinary top.




For guys, we love the dark shirt on dark slim suit look with a coordinating skinny tie. Get a pair of statement shoes, and try colored laces for some variety.



Casual Friday:
Just because it’s casual, doesn’t mean it’s boring. Pair your comfiest jeans with cute flats and a chambray shirt. Accessorize with a bold necklace, and don’t forget — a blazer will turn almost any outfit into a professional win. Be sure to check Uptown Cheapskate first for those more spendy items, as they’ll save you a ton!

Summer_striped blazer09_med

Work it.