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Trish Couche

Uptown Cheapskate in Boardman, Ohio was recently awarded Grand Opening of the Year at the company’s annual meeting in Salt Lake City. The store’s kickoff event incorporated food truck fare, mystery gift card giveaways, the presence of local radio personalities and a strong local turnout.

“The response was overwhelming and amazing,” says franchisee Trish Couche. “We had a line all the way down the plaza and around the corner. It was probably 50 feet long.”

Couche attributes her success in large part to support from her team and from Basecamp Franchising, the parent company of Uptown Cheapskate, and its sister store Kid to Kid.

“We had a lot of help and guidance to start this store off with a bang,” Couche states.

Basecamp Franchising itself has been family-owned and operated since 1994, and Couche has identified her own family’s involvement in the Boardman location as the most rewarding aspect of the Grand Opening.

“I have been so fulfilled seeing my husband and my daughter grow in their roles. Pete is my co-franchisee and is at the store every day, and Taylor is the store manager. I’m really the backup!”

Couche explains that the Uptown Cheapskate store holds an important place in the Boardman community, providing a way for fashion-forward people in a small town to access upscale clothing labels at affordable prices.

“When we get designer bags, they really fly out the door!” Couche says. “I think that in our area, it’s a little bit unique because there isn’t a lot here. So if there’s something new, people want to check it out and they love shopping here.”