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A labor of love – How Uptown Cheapskate supports your community


With our 45 locally-owned franchises, Uptown Cheapskate helps support your community.

By depending on our local customers to supply our products by recycling their used clothing, we’re able to avoid relying heavily on overseas clothing factories that often provide unethical labor conditions to their workers, and many times practice child labor. Instead, we pay money to customers like you for the vast majority of our items. This benefits the economy right in our local communities, and helps support sustainable means of getting clothes.


According to the most recent figures released from the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American throws away about 70 pounds of clothing each year. They also inform us that nearly 95 percent of all of the clothing, shoes, and linens thrown away could have been recycled or reused. By selling to Uptown Cheapskate, not only are you reducing waste, but you’re lowering the demand for stores like ours to support unethical means of producing clothing.

Selling to Uptown is not the only way you can do your part to help heal the earth. Each time you buy a recycled clothing item at Uptown, that’s one less shirt that you might buy new, meaning you’re reducing the demand for the production of new clothes. This not only saves precious resources every year, but it continues to support getting the latest trends in fashion in ways that are safe, sustainable, and ethical.


At Uptown Cheapskate, our style is a labor of love. Each of our locally owned stores provides jobs to members of the community—many of whom are young people. With more than 45 stores around the country, that’s more than 350 jobs created! We provide steady pay, flexible schedules, paid training and growth opportunities, plus a hefty employee discount. Our employees work in a fun and friendly retail atmosphere, surrounded by what they love—fashion.

If working at Uptown Cheapskate sounds like a place where you think you could succeed, we’d love to speak to you.

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